ANNEX II – Key Deliverables: Tools And Products
  • 06 Dec 2023
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ANNEX II – Key Deliverables: Tools And Products

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Key FSC Deliverables – Tools and Products
Products / Tools
 (* key documents required)

Responsibility and Role of FSC Team
Frequency / Timeframe
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FSC meeting minutes* (e.g. SAG, working groups, coordination meetings etc.) 

Record of key issues discussed, decision-taking, consensus building of key actions and timeframe, definition of roles and responsibilities.

 IMO / Coordinator

Meeting schedule (one per month)


Early Warning Alerts

Early warning alerts are shared for coordination, prepositioning/contingency planning, and strategic response. 

Coordinator ensures dissemination and linkages with national authorities when feasible.

at least one per event/threat

5.8.2 and 6.3.1

Rapid and in-depth assessments (EFSA , CFSAM , SMART etc) 

Monitor the situation, track and identify changes.  

Coordinator (with IMO support) ensures facilitation (or participation, as relevant) and/or coordination and dissemination. 

Post-crisis, seasonal (at least one per year or per event)


Food security analysis / IPC analysis (CH)*

Update on the food security situation, inform response planning and decision-making.

Coordinator (with IMO support) ensures facilitation and/or coordination and dissemination and advocacy.

in the countries with CH or IPC, at least one per year



Overview of humanitarian needs with cluster (and inter-sectoral) PIN identified.

Coordinator (with IMO support) ensures contribution to HNO and dissemination. Including risk analysis.

at least one per year



Inter-sectoral strategic response plan with cluster specific plan and objectives.

Coordinator (with IMO support) ensures contribution to HRP and dissemination

At least one per year with seasonal update


HRP - PMR: Periodic Monitoring Review

Monitoring of the HRP .

Coordinator and IMO.

Usually twice a year


Contingency plan*

Ensuring a faster / more effective response to identified medium to high-risk emergencies.

 Specify if led by FSC or inter-cluster; specify if multi-hazard or hazard specific; including risk analysis.

One per event or multi-hazard


Minimum Preparedness Activities (MPA)

Monitoring risk and response, establishing coordination and information management systems, preparing for joint needs assessments, and establishing operational capacity (to deliver emergency assistance. 

Coordinator to lead or contribute to exercise (depending on whether led by FSC or Inter-cluster).

 Country specific


Response package*

 Harmonise all FSC response packages (food assistance, agriculture and income generation). 

Coordinator leads working with TWGs.

One per year


Multi-sector joint planning 

Inter-sector coordination and joint planning (e.g. “4Cs” comprising joint initiatives between the FSC, Nutrition Cluster, WASH Cluster and Health Cluster).

Coordinator ensures contribution and/or facilitation and dissemination.

Country specific

4.3.2 and 4.3.3


Ensure that the FSC is fulfilling its purpose.

Coordinator leads the exercise with IMO support. 

once per year


Funding and financial reports (FTS)  

Evaluate funding gaps and impact in HRP .

The Coordinator should encourage partners to report on FTS. The Coordinator, supported by the IMO, should evaluate the funding gaps. 

twice per year


FSC Situation Reports, Newsletters and Bulletins) 

Update and provide narrative on the humanitarian situation, impacts on the food security situation, current FSC response, outstanding needs, and good practices.

Coordinator (with IMO support).

Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly 

5.15.3 and 7.2.2

OCHA Humanitarian Situation Reports* 

Update of the overall humanitarian situation with information per cluster, e.g. FSS situation, priorities, implementation, progress, results and constraints.

Coordinator (with IMO support).

Varies from daily, weekly to monthly


Knowledge management documents 

FSC-led SOP, guidance, lesson learned etc.

Coordinator (with IMO support).

2 per year


Cross-cutting Issues

Guidance / recommendations / joint documents on cross-cutting issues

Improve inclusion of cross cutting issues. E.g. joint documents with Protection Cluster, recommendations on food security assistance for at risk categories, guidance on environment sensitive response.

Coordinator leads or contribute at Inter-cluster level with relevant clusters and partners. 

Country specific


Information Management

Partners’ contact directories

Ensure effective communication.




3W/4W/5Ws matrices* 

5Ws serve as the basis for the dashboard.


Biweekly or monthly 


FSC Overview Dashboard with gap analysis


Based on the 345W analysis. Update progress, outcomes, capacities, priorities, gaps, and inform on risks of duplication.

IMO (Coordinator responsible for ensuring quality – and for using the gap analysis to coordinate the response).

Biweekly or monthly



Partners Presence*

Provide overview of the presence of partners (helping to highlight gaps in coverage). 

IMO (Coordinator responsible for ensuring quality and for using the information to coordinate the response).



Archive Management

 To ensure institutional memory and continuity. 

IMO (with Coordinator support).



See key deliverables on advocacy, communication and resource mobilisation in Chapter 7 and 8

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