ANNEX I Example of Project Score Card - CBPF Standard Allocation
  • 07 Dec 2023
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ANNEX I Example of Project Score Card - CBPF Standard Allocation

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Name of Partner: 

Scorecard ParametersScoreNotes1234567

100Total Score:0000000
AStrategic Relevance35Remarks

1Is the project in line with the strategy outlined in the call for proposals and has it been discussed in advance with cluster coordinators? (Yes: 15; Partially: 5; No: 0)15


Do project activities directly address life-saving needs and are undertaken in a high priority geographical area as identified in the allocation strategy paper? 

(Yes: 10; No: 0)

3Are the activities time-critical and address anticipated needs in a timely fashion? (Yes: 10; Partially: 5; No: 0)10

BProgrammatic Relevance

4Does the project specifically respond to the programmatic approaches as defined in the cluster objectives outlined in the call for proposal? (Yes: 10; Partially: 5; No: 0)10

5Are humanitarian needs presented in the proposal clearly defined and based on recent needs assessments? (Yes: 5; No: 0)5

6Are beneficiaries clearly identified? Does the proposal clearly explain which beneficiaries will be targeted and where? (Yes: 5; No: 0)5


Does the proposal consider PSEA, gender, accountability to affected people, and mainstream protection? 

(Yes: 5; Partially: 3; No: 0)

CCost effectiveness15

8Is the cost structure competitive or in line with cluster norms for the same type of project? (cost per beneficiary) (Yes: 5; Partially: 3; No: 0)5

9Are the budget lines appropriate and reasonable for the proposed activities?  (Yes: 5; Partially: 3; No: 0)5

10Does the proposed period of implementation represent most efficient use of the resources? (Yes: 5; Partially: 3; No: 0)5

DManagement and Monitoring

11Does the partner currently have sufficient capacity to implement proposed activities and has clearly articulated possible risks related to project delivery? (Yes:5; Partially: 3; No: 0)5

12Does the partner have reliable presence in the project area? (Yes: 5; Partially: 3; No: 0)5

13Is the project logical framework SMART? (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) (Yes: 5; Partially: 3; No: 0)5

EEngagement with Coordination

14Does the partner participate at cluster task force meeting (federal/regional) and provide timely information/reports? (Yes: 4; No: 0)4

15Is the project sufficiently coordinated with other stakeholders on the ground?  Is the cluster assured that the project will not lead to duplication and overlap of activities with other projects?  (Yes: 3; No: 0)3

16Does the proposing partner work with local Partners /NNGOs or is the proposal submitted by NNGO?  (Yes:3; No: 0)3Total Score:0000000
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